14 days in amazing Cuba


We booked our trip to Cuba quite spontaneously because we wanted to experience the island before big changes were implemented. It’s beautiful to witness a country evolve in so many ways. Some of the … [Read more...]

What to do in Aruba


This was my second trip to Aruba, but little did I know that there was more to this island than laying on sandy beaches while sipping on tropical drinks. Their slogan, “One Happy Island” is definitely … [Read more...]

Power dressing with DIDI


The holiday period tends to be overwhelming when browsing through the various collections offered in stores. All the more reason for me to recommend another beautiful collection and narrow your … [Read more...]

Oilily Explores: Talking Color


 Hi Ladies and Gents! I wanted to dedicate this blog to all of my followers- wether you believe it or not, each one of you have played a roll into contributing who I have become today. I started my … [Read more...]

DIDI for Everyone


On today’s blog, I will be reflecting back to DIDI’s fashion show I attended last Monday. As you guys know, I am all for diversity. I find it important that a brand has a wide collection that’s … [Read more...]

Winter with DIDI


 Looks like Fall is upon us and we have no more summer days left ahead! We can sit and sulk or simply make the best of it by stocking up on fresh gear for the winter months ahead. Today’s blog is … [Read more...]

A quick getaway in Miami


It was finally time for my bestfriend and I to take our annual girls trip. Our destination, Miami’s South Beach! We opted not the plan anything, but simply allow our spontaneity to guide us. As a … [Read more...]

Festival hair!


Festival season has started! The stores, magazines and social media are full of inspiring looks. I must admit I don't attend a lot of festivals, but for the few I do, I always have an amazing time! … [Read more...]

Sunset in Pula


It's not everyday you get to win a contest and the prize is a trip to a country you've never been to before! The challenge was: who can pack carry-on trolly the fastest and in the most efficiënt way … [Read more...]

Metallic Vibes


 The perfect combination of my all-time favourite pieces – bomberjacks and pencil skirts both in metallic colors. Classic and perfect for any season at any time. As summer draws near, naturally, I … [Read more...]

Think Pink!


It's here!! "Colorista" the new bold and sassy line of L'Oréal Paris had their official launch!! Colorista has 7 bright shades designed for light blonde/bleached hair and 4 shades with a hint of color … [Read more...]



 When I first moved to Amsterdam I was overwhelmed by all the new areas, neighborhoods and tourists. I love Rotterdam but after 8 years living in Amsterdam I can defenitely call this home. It's an … [Read more...]

Happy New Hair!!


This year we have already managed to see various hair color trends. For some of us (definetely me)it was really hard to choose something from “Tiger Eye”, “Ombre”, “Grey” and other trends. All these … [Read more...]



Autumn's calling and that means it's time to get yourself some new ankle boots! This season ankle boots get a high fashion spin thanks to gold and silver metallics, snake or leopard print. I am … [Read more...]

Look at my bootie!


The temperature is starting to drop and there’s no cuter way to keep your feet warm than with an ankle boot. The bootie should certainly be in high rotation in cooler weather. Fashion meets function … [Read more...]

Afropunk 2016 New York


After experiencing Afro Punk Paris it was time to go to the roots of Afropunk where it all started ; Brooklyn, New York!! A full weekend of outdoor summer music, foodtrucks and live artwork at … [Read more...]

A bit of See Through..


Shooting in such a beautiful environment made it so made it all so easy. Everything was perfect, the light, the colors in the picturesque peaceful countryside near Uzes (France) For the second shoot … [Read more...]

Festival weekend!!


I just returned from beautiful Provence, with stunning sceneries and weather just the way a sweet summer should be. Unfortunately I keep missing out on the good weather in Amsterdam, every time I am … [Read more...]

Superrebel Kidsgear


Amsterdam has been really indecisive when it comes to the weather. One day its bloody hot and the next moment you need to grab your winter coat. However, the sun finally decided to show herself this … [Read more...]



With its surging art and scene, Mexico City is undoubtedly having its moment right now. Having seen the last James Bond film Spectrum, the Plaza de La Constitucion was our first stop. It’s the … [Read more...]

Afropunk festival 2016


It's that time of the year for fresh inspiration and festival season has officially begun. Below I am sharing with you the  beautiful people and inspiring looks of Afropunk Paris 2016. Every day was … [Read more...]

Denim on Denim on Denim


Many people think that double denim or denim on denim is an absolute no no, however, when it’s done right, it can look amazing! Having an ever growing denim obsession, double denim is one of my … [Read more...]

Purple days


You know I’m a chameleon and love to change my look often. I mean, life’s too short for mediocrity and having one set look! So here I am, rocking a new color; a darker shade of purple. To achieve this … [Read more...]

Leather overalls


LEATHER OVERALLS The overalls are back!! This time they are made of leather. Instead of traditional denim style, they are sophisticated and more formal. The great thing about leather overalls is that … [Read more...]



While chambray and denim are often confused for one another, they’re not exactly the same fabric. A chambray is a plain weave fabric woven with a colored yarn in the warp and a white yarn in the weft. … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Stretch


Due to the variety of fits and models in circulation I sometimes forget just how comfortable a pair of stretch jeans can be. They complimented my weekend getaway travel. Pepe Jeans’ “power flex … [Read more...]

Swimsuit Shopping


This is the best time of the year to start shopping for swimwear! Why? Because the new collections just came out so you will have the first pick and can start daydreaming about your next tropical … [Read more...]

Easter Sunday Look


Bunnies, chicks, Easter eggs, chocolates, narcissi it’s only one week till Easter holidays!! For me that’s the official sign that spring is starting, no looking back, forget about all the dark and … [Read more...]

Denim and Frills


I’m very excited to share one of my favorite dresses of this year so far with you, from Escada's 2016 Spring/Summer collection. I’m obsessed with this denim dress's sleeves. The light blue color … [Read more...]

Sleeping in DownTown Mexico


I love staying in beautiful hotels, it gives me that fairy-tale-princess feeling. A beautiful tidy room and clean white sheets is already heaven to me. Imagine the joy of checking into Hotel Downtown … [Read more...]

Flowers in Mexico


Being a blogger you get to work with some amazing brands. One of the brands I've recently had the pleasure of collaborating with is Escada. I feel honored to showcase some of my favorite pieces from … [Read more...]

Mexican Vibes


Arrived in Mexico City !! I am excited to be in Latin America for the first time. Normally my husband and I choose Asia as our annual "honeymoon" trip but we decided to change things up a bit this … [Read more...]

5 days dressed by India!!


I always try to find fun bonding activities to do with my kids. I noticed my youngest; India really enjoys taking her time when picking out her daily outfit. She carefully lays out her selection … [Read more...]

Velvet and Gold


When in doubt, wear black and top it off with a little gold. That's my motto. If I don’t know what to wear or want to put the emphasis on my jewelry I choose a little black dress. Black with a dash … [Read more...]

Talking Tea


Tea holds an important place in my life. I've been a tea drinker ever since I was allowed to drink something other than babymilk, every single day of my life so you can imagine that's a whole lot of … [Read more...]

Printed Pants


There was just no way I could resist this print, thus leading me to rock yet another print-on-print look. Escada designs pants that fit tall girls perfectly. I find the fact that more and more brands … [Read more...]

Lovely Limburg


A new year just came about and I’ve already started executing my “bucket list”. One of my dreams was to sleep in a castle with my youngest princess. She and I traveled 2 hours to Maastricht (in the … [Read more...]

Holiday Style


Dear Readers! Christmas time is the time we tell our friends and family how much we care and love them. Although we should do that every day I also want to take time and thank you my readers for … [Read more...]

Popcorn time!!!


 Three times a year I struggle with a local tradition around school birthdays where the birthday girl or boy hands out small giveaways to the rest of the class. It's always important for me to give … [Read more...]

African Winter Style


Whoever thought African fashion and print can only be worn in the summer, think again!  Dede Yebovi , founder of My Touch Of Africa designed items that can be worn through all seasons. The warm … [Read more...]

For the tall and savvy


No more tall girl problems We tall girls all know the problems growing up trying to make ourselves appear shorter to fit in. 1.Prom dresses that didn’t reach the floor, sometimes not even the … [Read more...]

Tel Aviv Fashionweek 2015


Beside being a beautiful city with exciting nightlife and relaxing beaches, Tel Aviv hosts the most talented designers making their mark in both national and international fashion scene. I was … [Read more...]

Go over the knee!!


They make your legs look long, incredibly sexy and have become an inherent part of fashion. The over the knee boots!! which type of thigh high boots are you going for? Last year I was on a mission … [Read more...]



There is a new webshop online ,thanks to Karin van der Pijl. A power woman, who made a career switch and started her own webshop by the name of Rockbabe. The name already says it. It's for a woman … [Read more...]

New York City Guide


It's been 3 years already since my last visit to New York City and here my reasons for returning 1. There is always something new, My favorite city in the whole world keeps amazing me. Besides … [Read more...]

Sweater and Skirt Streetstyle


Slowly but surely preparing for fall. I know we don’t want to think about it and we are probably not ready. But let’s face it there is no way we can ignore it, fall is knocking on the door. We might … [Read more...]

All striped up


All white is nice, all black is cute, but let's face it: There's something so sweet about mixing them. Preferable as the classic stripe. I spotted this jumpsuit at River Island, its vertical stripe … [Read more...]

AFWL 2015 My 2 looks


For Africa Fashion Week London I chose these two looks. Both traditional but with a modern twist. The first day I wore the famous Dashiki that made its way to fashion since spotted on Beyonce and … [Read more...]

How to wear ankle boots


There are still doubts about how to style an ankle boot or even considering wearing one. Some say they cut off your legs which can make you look shorter and others say it make your feet look bigger. … [Read more...]

Fleur Noire


  It was a beautiful day for a sweet afternoon at Kwaku Summer Festival. What started off in 1975 as a Surinamese festival, developed as a multicultural get together full off music, art … [Read more...]

Her first fashion show


It was so special taking my daughter with me to Amsterdam fashion week, looking so grown up and even wearing her own wedges reserved for festive occasions. To make it more memorable she was also … [Read more...]

A Fresh New Start


I helped reorganize a client’s closet, and these are the tips that I gave her: Divide your closet into two sections, basics and key items. Let go of those items that are over 10 years old, … [Read more...]

Pretty Petticoats


Petticoats are so much fun and so addictive. I have four colours now but I am craving to have a rainbow of colours. I like them as full as they can get and the great thing about them is that they … [Read more...]

Wearing White


Wearing an all white outfit has its risks. I had to attend two events yesterday; Specsavers’ latest trend presentation and River Island’s Salon show. I decided to wear an all white ensemble. One might … [Read more...]

Crop that T-Shirt


The greatest thing about the cropped t-shirt may just be its versatility, allowing you to channel pure feminity, or to go all boyish with a few little adjustments in styling. I chose a high-waist … [Read more...]

Head-to-Toe Denim


Totally inspired by the head-to-toe denim goodness. Whether it’s a dress, or separates, the denim monochrome look has never been more relevant. The trick to style this look is to make sure that the … [Read more...]

Instant fame in Vietnam!


I hit 'celebrity' status in Hoi An, meaning people poke each other when I walk by try to secretly take pictures stare like forever, call me beautiful which is kind of nice. I mean it’s still a … [Read more...]

Kids and Camo


This weekend we had a party to attend, because it was a sweet sixteen party I wanted to keep our outfits informal, but matching of course. I already bought my camouflage jacket a week ago at the … [Read more...]

Flattering Flares


I adore my new high-waisted flares. The 70’s are back in fashion and I absolutely love it. What’s even better all affordable brands are picking it up so you don’t have to spend a fortune to get this … [Read more...]

Getting dressed


Getting dressed, for some people something so normal, but for parents with small children it can be challenging at times.Yesterday, a friend of mine asked me how I do it. How do you put an outfit … [Read more...]

Lace days


Never far from mind as being the epitome of femininity. Wether used as an accent or as an overall look, lace is ready to lend your wardrobe with some of it's undisputed elegance this summer. … [Read more...]

Hello Yellow!!


  Maybe not a color that I would easily choose, but I fell in love with this shade of yellow instantly. Defenitely a color I will be wearing more often this summer. By now everbody knows I … [Read more...]

One of a Kind!!


Other than having your clothes custom made, sample sales and outlet stores are the place to be when looking for something unique and affordable. It could be that there is only one sample made of that … [Read more...]

Custom made with a message


Whatever happened to having your clothes actually made by a tailor,choose the style, fabric and color that you like and have an outfit made according to your body measurements. I have been doing this … [Read more...]

Color on the Canal


Prints will still be in the mix and are not going anywhere. These Vlisco prints are highlights in my wardrobe. I have a lot of skirts that are created from different Vlisco collections, and a lot of … [Read more...]

Definitely Denim


I am back in Amsterdam after some beautiful sunny days in Morocco and pleasantly surprised that the sun is showing herself here as well. So I am excited to show some spring/summer looks. I know I have … [Read more...]

Summer Vibes


What comes up when you think of summer? for me it’s beautiful weather, the beach, warm nights, social events, fun and light fabric maxi dresses. The third day in Morocco it was show time, I chose … [Read more...]

Take it to the Max!!


Are we happy with the maxi skirt or what? Easy to style, versatile and super feminine. With a fluid and flattering silhouette the maxi skirt is the perfect piece to bring along for this weekend … [Read more...]

Comfy airport wear


Today I fly to Morocco for a fashion show to me that’s the best part of modeling, traveling to places I haven’t been before. It’s not my first time visiting Morocco I was there only a few months ago, … [Read more...]

Polka dot


Everybody knows I have a strong love for prints, stripes and polka dots.So imagine the joy of seeing this outfit, well actually it’s a dress and a pair of pants, but for me that means I will wear it … [Read more...]

The beauty of minimalism


Serious but never severe, Minimal but never simple, Fragile but never weak. Just as their clothing line, Max.Tan’s message exudes strength and allure. I stumbled across this brand during my … [Read more...]

The sweater dress


The Sweater dress Do you want to feel comfortable and still look feminine then the sweater dress is an item for you!! The sweater dress is fashionable, sporty and very versatile. Wear it with … [Read more...]

Black on black


On my visit to “De Modefabriek” I went black on black. Since it’s a daytime event I kept my look simple but interesting. To accomplish a basic black look with an edge, work with different textures and … [Read more...]

Winter Whites


While many ladies swear by wearing black and grey  during the darkest days of the year I think an all-white ensemble makes for a much more refreshing statement. I do understand white can be an … [Read more...]

Leather on leather


Today I am going for the total leather look, leather top tucked in a textured pencil skirt. A really simple outfit, its the different textures that gives it an extra touch. Bag wise I paired the look … [Read more...]

Leather Pants


Omg Sale is the best period to buy clothes. During the sale I always wonder why I even buy items from the new collection. Just be patient wait till the sale I tell myself. Ofcourse buying new … [Read more...]

Mini me and me


Here I go twinning with my daughter again and I love it!! Thankfully she loves it too and I will keep on doing it until the unfortunate day she will tell me she is not having it anymore.  India's … [Read more...]

Grab a cozy sweater


   Grab a cozy sweater to keep you looking hot wen it's cold out. I adore sweaters especially grey ones. They go with anything you can dress them up or down, and in every season. … [Read more...]

Beauty with Brains


  Saturday the 1st of November, MAFB hosted the grand finale of ‘fashion fest by MAFB powered by Modemuze’. In the Centre for Visual Arts in Amsterdam, more than 100 participating fashion … [Read more...]

Faux leather for kids

leather pants

Nowadays you can dress your little munchkin just like yourself. Keep it child friendly though. When I look for clothes for my kids, I surf the internet because I know going into town will just be a … [Read more...]

Dressing Up


The winter holidays has begun and it all starts with Halloween. A holiday that they celebrate in the states but thankfully found his way out here. The kids love to dress up and luckily for them so … [Read more...]


    Taroudant is a walled city. It was erected in the 16th century by the Saadians, when it was briefly made the capital of Morocco. They obviously expected a great future for the … [Read more...]

The maxi dress


The maxi dress or maxi skirt has always been one of the favorite items on my to-have-list. You can wear it casual with flats or dressed up with high heels. Finally I bought one at Mango. The online … [Read more...]

Box Braids

I always say life is too short to have boring hair, that's why there is no colour or style I haven't tried out. Since bold and pastel hair colours are a trend I am having the time of my life. … [Read more...]

Agadir with kids

Sofitel Royal bay is a perfect resort to stay with kids. There is a kids club with lots of traditional activities. Tonight our kids did a very nice candle ceremony for all guests in traditional wear. … [Read more...]

Stylist, Model and Blogger


Mother, model, stylist and world traveler, all combined and making it possible!! Based in Amsterdam but never missing an opportunity to explore and travel the world through rose coloured glasses … [Read more...]