New York City Guide


Photo by Marinke Davelaar Photography

It’s been 3 years already since my last visit to New York City and here my reasons for returningIMG_6428

1. There is always something new,
My favorite city in the whole world keeps amazing me. Besides Manhattan, Harlem and Brooklyn, Queens rose up to the challenge, bringing a new wave of hip. The Boro hotel, located in Long Island City where we stayed is contemporary and edgy with beautiful panoramic views of Manhattan and Queens. I mean that’s what we want right, waking up and knowing immediately you are in the concrete jungle. I left the curtains open at night just to see the amazing city lights.IMG_7841

A great place to eat in Queens is the Bonnie. They served the most amazing steak! Open all day serving Brunch, Lunch and Dinner. A cool gastropub with a nice vibe and friendly people.IMG_7671

2. You always meet someone new.

Starstruck ? Maybe a little when I saw this beauty Alek Wek opening the Chromat show. She is already 38 and still looks awesome in a bikini. Seriously working that runway !This woman doesnt age!! To me she is a icon because she made way for other beautiful African girls.image1-2






3. Challenging your pallet.

Oh my where do I start? First of all leave your diet at home. There is too much to try. Where to begin??
Smorgburg williamsburg Brooklyn. Now that’s a food festival! I don’t know how I did it but I managed to try out a lot!! I just squeezed it in there and it was all worth it. IMG_7628
The Ramen Burger is definitely a prize winner to me.I need my girl Paola from to make me one. I know she can pull it off!



Cronut. What who where? Yes!! It’s a mix between a croissant and donut. This month’s filling was bergamot and Earl Grey tea. Aaaargh this is something I can’t even describe. Actually I can’t even think about it without my mouth starting to water. Be prepared for waiting in line! You won’t be the only one wanting this delicious experience, but don’t worry, the staff will entertain you and hype you up in true American fashion.
Where to get? Dont get fooled by buying one anywhere else but here, there’s a lot of copycats out there. The original deal is at french patissier Dominique Ansel’s bakery in Soho.
Frozen S’mores. A cold, vanilla ice-cream core swaddled in two layers: a crispy chocolate wafer and then a gooey hybrid of homemade marshmallow and dondurma. While waiting in line to order our Cronut we saw a baker torching a marshmallow. Lord that looked incredible! Of course I ordered it… Ok ok it was a bit of a sugar rush eating the two at the same time so next I will have more of a break in between those two. IMG_7710
Mexican style grilled corn. The sweet corn, salty cheese, hot chile and tangy lime juice make the grilled corn at Cafe Habana( Nolita) addictive and scary good.Cafe_Habana_Corn7857913495
Lobster sandwich. Probably the most expensive sandwich I had, 18 dollar for this little fellow. But yes all worth it. Besides this scrumptious sandwhich this converted warehouse is now home to an awesome foordcourt. With a lot of dishes to taste from. Gansevoort market in the Meatpacking district.IMG_7746IMG_7736





Jamaican food, I never leave NYC before having some good jamaican food. Quite a challenge to find one in Harlem. After some good detective work (read asking any Jamaican looking person in the street) I found Freddie’s on 119th and St.Nicholas, nothing fancy but when it comes to Jamaican food I choose good over fancy any time!!

4. The High line. If a bit of nature is what you seek a nice alternative to Central Park is the High Line. An old elevated freight rail track converted into a modern park walkway that runs 2,5 km long from Gansevoort street -three blocks below 14th street -in the Meatpacking District, through Chelsea, to the northern edge of the West Side Yard on 34th street.

I will be back next year so if I missed out on something new don’t hesitate to leave a message below.



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