Patch your Denim!

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While enjoying the promised land and getting ready for Tel Aviv Fashionweek , it’s also the start of Denim Fashion Week. So I am putting my newest member of my denim selection in the spotlights, these patched Pepe jeans.

There was a period in my younger years I would patch up my jeans with all sort of colorful patches. The annoying thing was that somehow the iron-on patches wouldn’t stick and even though I would try to avoid sewing them on (being lazy) I ended up doing it each and every time.

Pepe Jeans introduces these cute denims that saves me the trouble.

Even though they also look nice paired with flats or sneakers,I felt like dressing them up a bit with this leather Liu Jo top and my L.k Bennett Sandals.

Check out the Pepe jeans website they have a whole lot of denims to choose from with a perfect fit, which for me is the most important thing by far when it comes to purchasing a pair of jeans . Also Pepe jeans celebrates in its stores The Denim Fashion Week with new models discounts and special offers so if you were considering getting a new pair of jeans now would be the perfect time!!IMG_7334IMG_7322IMG_7313 IMG_7317IMG_7333Chloe Sunglasses/ Liu Jo Top / Pepe jeans denim/ L.K. Bennett Shoes

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