Tel Aviv Fashionweek 2015

IMG_7612Beside being a beautiful city with exciting nightlife and relaxing beaches, Tel Aviv hosts the most talented designers making their mark in both national and international fashion scene.

I was invited to attend the Gindi Tel Aviv Fashionweek 2015. Take a peek at my favourite pieces and designers below.

bet ka betka 2 betka 3Bet-K-A by Betty Eldad former model and ballet dancer created a rich and colourful ready-t-wear collection, pushing modern dance and classical ballet to the forefront of the brand’s visual identity.Shenkar 1 Shenkar 2 Shenkar 3 Shenkar 5 Shenkar 6 Shenkar 7 Shenkar 8

Shenkar The Department of Fashion Design at Shenkar and New Balance joined forces and created a show with a variety of the interpretations of the term Avant-garde. A collection full of new patterns, shapes, combinations of materials and colour palettes.dodo bar dodo bar 2 dodo bar 3

Dodo Bar Or designer, actress and fashion icon. Over the years Dodo was recognized in Israel’s leading newspapers for her outstanding style which reflects well in her collection.Zimmerman 1 Zimmerman 2 Zimmerman 4


Shani Zimmerman is a young designer from Tel Aviv, who established her own brand of bridal and evening dresses in 2012 during her studies at “Shenkar” college of fashion.

Gadi Gadi 2 Gadi 3

Gadi Emlimelech started as a stylist 17 years ago. In 2010 he opened a studio for wedding and evening dresses, which also offers ready-to-wear collections. He knows how to emphasise the feminine form and flatter a woman figure.

Dorin Frankfurt Dorin Frankfurt 2 Dorin Frankfurt 3

Dorin Frankfurt a leading Israeli designer. The unique experience of life in Israel is her source of inspiration. Her collection consist out of light fabrics simple yet stylish.

Sample 2 Sample 4 Sample 5

Sample was established by the sisters Einav Zini and Nofar Mahluf. A fashion brand which combines global trends with personal interpretation while staying loyal to the principles of quality and practicality.Yaron 1 Yaron 2 yaron 3 Yaron 4 Yaron 5 Yaron daughter 1 Yaron Daughter 2

Yaron Minkowsky is one considered one of the best Israeli ambassadors for local fashion. Minkowsky’s creation float on the borderline between fashion and art. Each of his designs adheres to the displine of haute couture, careful cuts, quality materials and perfect finishes. With pride he had his teenage  daughter opening his show with her own collection. Her collection was fun and youthful. She told me her collection is made for the daughters of her fathers clients.

photo credits: Avi Valdman



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