That Autumn Afro Look


The weather is getting a bit gloomy so time for new “protective” hairstyles, then again I’m always looking for a new style.

Up until now I am doing pretty good at not coloring my own afro, so what I need are natural kinky looking weaves that come in a variety of colors other than black. Which saves me the hassle of coloring it myself.

Through a friend of mine, I heard that Suhail was selling afro weave with a natural look at a hair event. The next morning I was knocking at Suhail’s (Albert kuyp) door looking for that gorgeous weave but unfortunately they didn’t have it in store yet! I had to have it right away and with a little persistence the shopkeeper finally has it in store for us!! My afro girls!

It comes in burgundy, brown, black and three shades of blond. Play with it by mixing those colors to create an unique style. To achieve this look I mixed three colors: two shades of blond with burgundy.

If you need any advice about mixing it or weaving just leave me a note or send me an email.

With Love,


IMG_0848 IMG_0849


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