Stylist, Model and Blogger


Mother, model, stylist and world traveler, all combined and making it possible!!

Based in Amsterdam but never missing an opportunity to explore and travel the world through rose coloured glasses with one goal, inspiring others to do the same.

I have a strong passion for colour and translate this into my style of fashion, kids fashion, travel, beauty and even my hair.

Join me on this colourful journey through life where there is never a dull moment.

“It’s not about beautiful things and places but seeing the beauty in every place and everything”.

Beauty: Always trying and testing the newest and best products concerning skin and beauty for all different skin and hair types with a specialty in curly hair.

Fashion: I love all eras when it comes to style. I choose my own style keeping it fresh, it’s all about the combination and making it fit to your own body type.

Kids: With all the high street brands to choose from it’s hard to find something unique and different when it comes to dressing your children. I make this a sport to do so with a preference for “Mini-me” dressing.

Travel: I think we are born to explore and learn from each other. With my stories I hope to inspire others to broaden their horizons, to step out of their comfort zones and discover new cultures.


  1. RebeccA says

    Hi Maureen, hope all is well With you:)! Just want to check with yoU to see if you have received my email that was sent to your hotmail account a week ago? Please let me know:). Thank you:!

      • Rebecca says

        Hi Maureen,

        How are you:)? Sorry I just saw your reply here. I didn’t know you replied me until I was about to send you another email to see if you got my last email:)! I was wondering what is your email address? I couldn’t download the pictures you sent me. It would be wonderful if you could send me again? Let’s talk more in email! My email address is Thank you so much :)!

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