5 days dressed by India!!


I always try to find fun bonding activities to do with my kids. I noticed my youngest; India really enjoys taking her time when picking out her daily outfit. She carefully lays out her selection neatly on her bed before stepping into the shower. Although I’m not always a fan of her choices, the process makes it fun. This week I decided to relinquish my power and allow her to style me for the entire week. “Really?! The whole outfit, even the shoes?!?!” she asked enthusiastically. “Yes, everything”, I replied with slight panic in my voice. One thing to note is that India is the kind of girl that doesn’t mind wearing sandals in the freezing winter.

DAY 1.

This choice wasn’t a surprise to me. I myself saw the petticoat sticking out of my closet. She chose to accompany it with a silver sweater. “What about the shoes?”, I asked. Knowing I had to run errands all day, I strongly hoped for sneakers. In true India fashion, she chose open toe pink high heels instead. When I asked why, she simply replied, “you’re a model and a model knows how to walk on heels. It also goes perfectly with your princess outfit”.

DAY 2.

I secretly hoped that today’s selection would consist of a warmer outfit and more comfortable shoes. She came into the room and immediately reached for a black turtleneck. Yes, we are on the right track! “What else”, I asked. “Just regular pants Mum”. “Jeans?” “No, these!”. She reached for my new favorite pants. “And you can where this coat with it”. It turned out to be my husband’s unworn jacket. Right when I started to shower her with praise, she reached for an old pair of dirty white sneakers. Noooooo, I hate those! For the life of me, I don’t even know why I haven’t thrown them out yet. So, I activated my sweetest voice and asked her if she wanted to take a good look at my collection, surely she would find something more special. She calmly looked at me and said, “I know, but I chose these”, and walked off…


DSC_0712 DSC_0717 DSC_0718 DSC_0727 DSC_0729Outfit 1: Papillon Rebelle skirt/ Topshop sweater/ Essentiel Antwerp coat/ Balenciaga heels/ Komono sunglasses

Outfit 2: Zara pants/ Zara top/ Scotch&Soda jacket/ Rayban sunglasses


  1. Rochelle says

    I so love tHis!! Such a nice way to start the day with your girl. The first look is sO cUte, but the Day 2 lOok ? I love it! From head to toe perfect and your hear just finisheD the look to perfection. Looking ForWard to see the other looks!! ?

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