5 days dressed by India (part2)


DSC_0670 DSC_0682Day 3

 I heard my husband telling India it was going to be cold that day, but like I mentioned before India will choose fashion over comfort any time.

She picked out a T-shirt paired with a skirt, but at least added a bomber jacket on top “in case you get cold” she said. “What shoes?”,I asked. “Uhm, heels definitely heels” was her response. She had me looking like a princess once again.

Day 4

 India woke me up in the morning fully dressed wearing a big tulle skirt, giving away a small hint to what I would be wearing that day. Clearly, the-casual- pants-with-sneakers-look wasn’t working for her. She stayed loyal to her signature look; the tulle skirt. So there I was on a rainy cloudy day looking like I was on the Bahama’s. ” I love this “, she screamed, proudly looking at her work. “Yes, me too”,I replied looking at her color coordinated look.

Tip: if you try this at home with your child you might want to choose a different season like spring and summer.

 Day 5

 The 5 days challenge was just about enough for India. I think she wanted to go back to not worrying about what her mum is wearing, especially since the rest of the family start asking her for dressing tips. “India, what am I wearing today I asked her?”. “Can you first comb my hair” she answered. After finishing brushing her curls, I asked again : “Are you ready for my today’s look? “. “Nope, first breakfast, and gone she was. When I almost started to pick out my own outfit, she came running up. Quickly she went through my closet mumbling:”These pants, turtle neck, sneakers, hat and belt” and layed them out on the bed.

I am proud of my little fashionista even when she didn’t feel like, she managed to put a cool comfortable look together.

This challenge was great for starting the day together, although I think she could have been perfectly happy with it lasting for three days instead of five……


IMG_5692IMG_5716DSC_0690DSC_0688Look 3: Papillon Rebelle skirts/ Tommy Hilfiger bomberjacket

Look 4: Papillon Rebelle skirt/ Vero Moda shirt/ Afrowrap.nl headwrap/ Balmain X Hm belt

Look 5: Gstar hat/ Gstar jacket/ Lola Liza turtleneck and vest/ H&M belt/ Zara pants / Huarache sneakers


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