Primark X Amsterdam!!


Hey my lovely people,
Temperatures are dropping pretty hard and the days are getting shorter.
As much as we like to just cuddle up on the couch with hot chocolate and a movie it doesn’t hurt to go out and get some fresh air in our lovely home town.
There is so much to do in Amsterdam so my daughters and I have selected 5 of our favorite spots to visit and sometimes even spend a whole day.dsc_4474
The canals:

we are so fortunate to live right on the canals and it never gets boring. Sometimes we take a boatride or a long stroll but mostly we do it the Dutch way and that’s of course exploring by bike. We have more bridges than Venice and the lovely boat and canalhouses have something magical…dsc_4515
The Eye Film Museum:

If you love film, photography, modern architecture and cinema this is the place to be. You can really spend a whole day here starting by crossing the river Ij. You can watch arthouse movies or spend hours downststairs in the interactive kids world full of games, puzzles and you can even make your own film. A very big pro: kids are allowed to touch everything in here!! As well as the in-house restaurant, there is the Butcher restaurant right next door. A juicy hamburger while enjoying the river view, a perfect ending to the day.dsc_4522

There is so much to do in and around this museum. During the week you can enjoy a multimediatour and in the weekend you can take painting classes. In the summer we sit in the gardens and in the winter we iceskate right next door on the Museumplein.dsc_4704

Right around the corner of our house we have our own little play yard where there is always something happening. Markets, festivals, circus you name it. There is a big football field and the kids love going there. For the parents there is a nice cafe/restaurant where you can just sit and relax while your kids are exploring the playyard.dsc_4602

Well I do have two girls so it’s no surprise they love shopping. The Kalverstraat is easy and mainstream. They have all the stores they like near each other with one of their favourite, Primark opening this Thursday, December 1st on the Damrak 70, a 7 floor flagshipstore!! For my oldest Sifare this is paradise. I give her some pocketmoney and she spends it on little gifts for others. Today we are having a sneak peek in the store. See more on our instagram story.

All our looks are put together by us from head to toe dressed in Primark.
I am curious to know what you think of the store so let me know..

Much Love,

Maureen Sifare en Indiadsc_4604

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