Happy New Hair!!

dsc_4790This year we have already managed to see various hair color trends. For some of us (definetely me)it was really hard to choose something from “Tiger Eye”, “Ombre”, “Grey” and other trends. All these trends come and go so quick that it is impossible to keep up, but L’Oréal wouldn’t be L’Oréal if they didn’t provide the perfect solution. Their new product, Colorista by L’Oréal Paris has all the colors you wanted to try from the more natural to the bold and daring. I like my color temporary so I went for the wash-out. I was pleasanty surprised to see the color came out real vivid en intense on my brown hair. Normally the color will last about 2 weeks or 7 to 15 shampoos, but I wash my hair once a week so I guess it can last for months. Another plus, this washout is so easy to apply at home or in your hotelroom (like a did),you don’t need to add an extra conditioner it’s all in there, saves you a visit to the salon.
Even though I saw a various options of cotton candy hair in 2016 and I adore these shades I still wanted to try turquoise/blue hair for 2017. This might be a hot trend in the upcoming year. It can look as feminine, chic, fun and funky as you want. Who knows.. give it a try.. experiment !!

dsc_4791 dsc_4797 dsc_4814 dsc_4824 dsc_4844

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