Sunset in Pula

DSC_5955It’s not everyday you get to win a contest and the prize is a trip to a country you’ve never been to before! The challenge was: who can pack carry-on trolly the fastest and in the most efficiĆ«nt way possible. Well it was a bit of challenge but traveling as much as I do and having a family of five makes me kind of a pro when it comes to packing and folding. So lucky me, it all paid off.

I expected spring weather but saw on my weather app that it was going to be high summer temperatures which is perfect because that’s my favorite season!!
I did some quick shopping because I don’t really have a fresh summer wardrobe yet and when I see high temperatures I always get the urge to get some new swim wear!
My eye fell on a colorful bikini from Triumph, the fit is perfect and stays well in place. Tiny bikini’s are just not my thing, I need to be comfortable and be able to move without having to check if my goodies are showing. I also got a bathing suit,I have a thing for bathing suits with cute details and the back of this one has it all; Cute, sassy and colorful.
I packed only 2 pairs of shoes. Sandals and heels that go with multiple outfits, trust me for a short trip that’s all you need and it saves you space.
My plan for this get away was totally different, I didn’t bring my laptop and didn’t plan anything I was traveling alone so I had the luxury to plan the day just as I pleased. I enjoyed the sun, I enjoyed the culture, the food and most importantly the time just passing by as I focused on myself. I was traveling by myself so if I wanted a picture of myself I had to ask a stranger a bit akward at first but everybody was so friendly and helpful. That’s the beauty of traveling by yourself you step out of your comfort zone and learn so much not only about yourself but also others. At one point I went for a walk and ended up at a deserted beach just as the sunset started. There was only one other person there, this older lady that just took a swim in the sea. Her name is Jadranka (named after the Adriatic sea). I asked her if she would mind taking a picture of me. She had the most beautiful smile and agreed to help me out. She made a bunch of pictures and came with tons of ideas how to get the best shots. We started talking about our lives and the beauty of life. I told her how I love the beach and seashells. She gave me her a selfmade anklet ( made out of the smallest seashells) and said so you will never forget about today. Jadranka, I will never forget about you. You represent Croatia beautiful, hospitable and unforgettable…..

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