3 Total different looks with just one pair of shoes!!

 Both Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons. Over-layering and thick socks are no longer required and it’s time for light jackets and open toed shoes instead. I recently added black heeled sandals to my wardrobe and I must say they’ve proven to be invaluable.
Aside for comfort and versatility, they’re also perfect for short trips that call for light packing. Examples of various outfits can be found below.

The afternoon / lunch on a terrace look:image2

I can’t get enough of this banana leaf print. It gives you that instant summer feeling. I added a black Gucci belt in order to coordinate the dress with my shoes.

The transition from day to night look:image1

For some afternoon shopping I’d suggest a simple fun t-shirt. Simply swap it for a dressier top in order to make it appropriate for nightlife.

The casual look:DSC_6067

This look is suitable for any occasion ranging from a lunch date to a stroll through the city. For a business meeting, I’d suggest either a long skirt or a pair of slacks.

I’ve shared these looks to demonstrate how easy it is for one to be creative with a single pair of shoes that are suitable for travel.
I hope they’ve been helpful and please feel free to share your favorite look(s) with me.




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