DIDI for Everyone


On today’s blog, I will be reflecting back to DIDI’s fashion show I attended last Monday.

As you guys know, I am all for diversity. I find it important that a brand has a wide collection that’s also made for all sizes. DIDI supports the same vision and even thought about the little ones. Their collection that is already available translated exactly the type and differen’t women that we are : Romantic, powerful, joyful, sporty, vibrant or laidback.

I’m all about wearing a statement outfit, so for my look I chose this patent black skirt en beautiful green top (all DIDI) paired it with these bright purple boots and a vintage belt. I’m loving the different options that DIDI brings us and the differen’t looks you can create with their items. Everything you need to feel fun, comfortable and confident, DIDI has you covered.

So, let’s have look at a few of the fun looks from the Show!

DSC_7240 DSC_7241 DSC_7243DHL20171002_5293DHL20171002_5309DHL20171002_5314DHL20171002_5319DHL20171002_5469DHL20171002_5528Fashion show photo credits: Debby Heilker

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