Embrace your curves with Triumph


Today we are talking shapewear!
Something that might be a taboo for some, which is totally unnessary, because shapewear celebrates curves in a slim smoothing way, not hiding but higlighting your assets. No matter what typ of look you are going for, shapewear can help you achieve the best silhouette, define your shape and create the ultimate glasshour shape.

3 important rules when you shop for shapewear:

  • Size.The size of your shapewear is essentiel to comfort. Order in your regular size for the best fit.
  • Control. Medium control helps smooth while strong control will help with total figure transformation.
  • Outfit. Consider the whole outfit when you purchase shapewear. You can choose from waist cinchers, leg shapers, briefs or a bodysuit.

And last but not least take good care of your spandex. Even though it will say machinewash proof, by handwashing and linedrying them, your spanx will last a lot longer.
Now go get get your spanx and have a happy curvy day!!

Airy Sensation Body: www.eu.triumph.com

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