Power dressing with DIDI


The holiday period tends to be overwhelming when browsing through the various collections offered in stores. All the more reason for me to recommend another beautiful collection and narrow your options a bit.

DIDI’s collection is an ode to “power dressing”.
Both the mixture of prints and the careful eye for detail gives it all a glamorous touch, while being effortlessly festive. Their featured items are perfect for the afternoon as well as a fancy dinner.

This dress is a perfect representation of combining comfort with chic. The fabric isn’t only comfortable and warm, but the stretchy effect with the subtle gold threads adds a touch of sophistication.

DSC_7373 DSC_7380 DSC_7397

Shirt or Dress?
I simply love the multi-functionality of this dress!
It transports you from effortless day wear to turning heads at the cocktail bar. An alternative way to style it is by pairing it with some black slacks or why not dare to combine it with leopard print pants, as shown below.image1 DSC_7448 DSC_7434
I’ve told you numerous times in the past about my passion for the color green! Needless to say, this bottle green jacket with the subtle print was love at first sight. In this look, I chose to pair it with the leopard pants I previously mentioned. Mainly because I truly enjoy mixing and matching prints. This jacket in particular is very versatile, making it suitable for every season. Keep an eye on my Instagram, because I’m sure it will make its return at some point!DSC_7417 DSC_7409 DSC_7404

I can’t wait to see the various combinations you guys come up with.
DIDI’s party collection truly has something for everybody and is a perfect accent to any wardrobe, providing yearround special stylish moments.