Faux leather for kids

leather pants india leather pantsNowadays you can dress your little munchkin just like yourself. Keep it child friendly though. When I look for clothes for my kids, I surf the internet because I know going into town will just be a waste of my precious time.H&M just doesn’t do it for me except for the ” All For Children” clothing line which is a collaboration between UNICEF and H&M that works to support some of the world poorest children. For this cause they also work with different designers, the clothes look more fashionable and are made from better quality.

Ofcourse Zara kids is on point with their collection but having your child in a full Zara outfit is like sending them to boarding school, since 90 percent of the parents shop in Zara. Its like kids wearing school uniforms. So what’s the solution ? Be creative, costumize and combine cheap with chique.

Looking for skinny jeans for my girls especially the youngest has been challenge , the term skinny goes literally for her. Still I found the perfect faux leather pants for her at Tumble ‘n dry. They have some cute   items and their faux leather actually looks like real leather.

My top buy of the week must be these golden Dr.Martens boots. I am totally in love with them. They cost about a 100 euro, but the winter is on his way and they go with about any outfit. I didn’t think twice about adding them to India’s wardrobe.



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