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Saturday the 1st of November, MAFB hosted the grand finale of ‘fashion fest by MAFB powered by Modemuze’. In the Centre for Visual Arts in Amsterdam, more than 100 participating fashion talents from the Netherlands, Denmark, China, Trinidad and Surinam presented themselves on the catwalk.

 One model Sharda Johnn caught my attention the minute she entered the catwalk. Her face, her walk, her hair, the best combination to be an outstanding model. She was chosen winner in the categorie Best Fashion model, a title well deserved.

 Read my interview with this beauty with brains:

 How old are you and where are you from?

I’m 26, born and raised in Surinam, now I am studying in China.

How did you start modeling?

 As a child I always wanted to be a designer, growing up I got more interested in being a model. I started modeling when I was 18. In 2008 I moved to china to study, and took part in the Beijing and the Sichuan Fashion week.

 Why China?

 I like excitement, adventure and I know that overcoming challenges can only make you stronger. China is a true challenge.

 What do you study?

First I studied the language, followed by my Bachelor study in Human Resource Management and now I am doing my masters.



What about your hairdo? its amazing, what made you go for this look?

 I always had a big curly fro. In 2012 I had to write my thesis and didn’t want to spend too much time on my hair. Initially I wanted to shave it all off. I started to trim the sides myself but decided to have it done by a professional after all. I had it cut slowly so I could get used to it. When it came to this shape I decided to go with this look. At first my family and friends really had to get used to it but in the end everybody loved it . I didn’t expect so many positive reactions!!! So Cool!!!

 What are your plans now?

Finishing my study. I am happy I participated in Fashion fest, winning this contest gives me more confidence, and confirms that you just got to believe in yourself and go for it.


All pictures by Edward Olivier


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