Paris, my second home….

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Waking up in Paris is the best, today the sun is out which makes it even better. Walking through the streets feels like being on a movie set.We started the day strolling through “le jardin des tuileries” which is one of the many beautiful parks in the centre of Paris.

I feel like a real Parisienne in my Ghimmels tule skirt designed and made by Melissa Oehlers combined with of course my favorite Kenzo sweater , why not since it’s a French brand it’s a perfect match. And sure I am also wearing my Louboutin ,what can I say I have a passion for French products.

Doing it the real Parisian way we had a delicious brunch at a “salon de the” owned by Sebastien Gaudard. They served the finest tea which I also expect from a tea that costs 8 euro. We also took a croque-monsieur and a pumkin soup, I most admit best I ever had. Sebastien won the prize of best patissier. I ordered an éclair as desert and I can truly say the title is well deserved.IMG_8139

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