Leather Pants


Omg Sale is the best period to buy clothes. During the sale I always wonder why I even buy items from the new collection. Just be patient wait till the sale I tell myself. Ofcourse buying new collection items has its advantages you are the first, your size is right there and you don’t have to wait. But getting a favorite piece for cheap is like winning the lottery.

That’s how I feel with my new leather pants , I bought them online ofcourse because I must admit I don’t like to shop in stores during sale it’s too messy I like my clothes to be presented organized so I prefer surfing on the net.

Bijenkorf has a pretty friendly website. All the leather pants were layed out for me in searchresults. All I needed to do is compare prices and fit.

The thing I love about leather pants is that you can wear it sporty, rock, office,casual and evening but also any season, any style ,any look and any age. Its all about finding the perfect cut and fit for your body type and matching them to certain tops and shoes to get that look you are going for. From office shirts to blouses, oversized sweaters, white tees, denim shirts, anything goes.

I chose A Josh V. with a perfect fit teamed it up with my leather Gstar top and finished it out with black high heels.

My daughters are both wearing Tumble ‘n dry leather pants and a Riverisland fauxfurjacket.



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