Polka dot


Everybody knows I have a strong love for prints, stripes and polka dots.So imagine the joy of seeing this outfit, well actually it’s a dress and a pair of pants, but for me that means I will wear it all together.

Coming down the stairs my youngest daughter said “wow!!!! ….I love…your new pajamas”, I didn’t exactly expect to hear that but at least she loved it. I told her those aren’t pj’s but then she asked with a puzzled face, “but what are they suppose to be then?” so I just left it to that. She’ll get it someday and maybe the confusion came from me not wearing my flashy silver heels yet. Go get yours, Zara has them now in stock . I’ve been wanting silver heels for a while now because they just go with any outfit. I think every woman should have a pair, especially when you are wearing a piece that you just cant find matching shoes for, instead of going black go metallic.


also nice with a plaint white tee


full print


or just the dress


dress, pants and t-shirt by Just female, shoes by Zara


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