The essential grey t-shirt


Let’s talk about the essential grey t-shirt, a year round base layer as worn under slouchy jumpers and statement jackets, that quite happily goes solo in summer. At first I just wanted to go for an inexpensive and popular brand like H&M or Zara thinking its just a basic t-shirt so why not. But guess what, when it comes to the perfect grey t-shirt shape, shade and quality are important. It’s not “just” a basic, it pairs well with so many different looks. You would want it to last as long as possible, wash after wash, so low quality is not going to do the job.

IMG_9569Who do I think are the best at making basics? for me that would be the Scandinavians. I looked at different brands that I would normally skip because I consider them “boring” and the word basic just gives me the creeps. But life is all about stepping out of your comfort zone (mine is printed and colourful) and I found the perfect one by Mbym, A Danish brand of great quality and yet affordable.

IMG_9567Teamed it up with my louboutins, chanel bag, statement jewellery and my favourite tube skirt, perfect for any occasion.


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