Comfy airport wear


Today I fly to Morocco for a fashion show to me that’s the best part of modeling, traveling to places I haven’t been before. It’s not my first time visiting Morocco I was there only a few months ago, I enjoyed it so much I definitely wanted to come back to explore more of its beautiful cities. Imagine the excitement when I heard we were going to Tanger, a city that was on my list. I woke up at 5 in the morning today, somehow it works better if I pack on the day I leave instead of the night before. This only counts for traveling alone of course, traveling with the whole family requires at least two days of preparation in advance. Due to the many errands I had to run before leaving, I wasn’t really able to put outfits together which was a bit frustrating because the packing part I do mostly in the morning, but the actual sets I prefer to make in advance.


For my ‘airportlook’ I chose the sporty-chic style, I worked with layers because here in Amsterdam it’s still cold and I will be traveling to a part of Morocco that will have a much better temperature.


Beanie : Carhartt ,Sunglasses: Komono “Stella”, Shirt: Monki, Sweater: Maison Kitsune, Trousers: JoshV Coat: Marks and Spencer. Sneakers: Nike Huarache

I used to not care about what to wear when traveling by plane as long as it was comfortable enough to sleep in, but since the birth of sporty-chic I have the option to be comfortable and look nice at the same time, so no more looking like I just stepped out of bed when I reach my destination. It really has its advantages to be “ready” especially on trips like these, you never know if you will have to make a quick stop before you reach your hotel or that you will even have time to change into a more appropriate outfit before going to a first appointment. My leather pants never fails to elevate my style game, I can’t stress enough how happy I am with this purchase. The texture and detailing on these pants adds something special to any look without having to put too much effort in it. They are the perfect choice not just for their chic aesthetic, but also because they are suitable for just about any occasion. I love mixing streetwear with high-end pieces. The gold zippers and ribbed detailing go great with the gold chain of my Chanel bag and these big Komono sunglasses. I give the whole look a sporty twist by combining it with a comfy sweater, beanie, tartan shirt and last but not least some fresh pair of sneakers. These Huaraches are by far the most comfortable sneakers ever it’s like walking on air. Normally I take my shoes off and swop them for thick socks but these I keep on it’s the ultimate comfort and that’s exactly what I need during my flight. To complete the look I threw on my long robe coat and pinned on a Chanel broche. IMG_9710IMG_9715IMG_9716IMG_9720

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