Take it to the Max!!

skirt: Irene Heldens available at www.lady-africa.com

top by levi’s, scarf by H&M


Sunglasses by Komono glasses “Gold”

Are we happy with the maxi skirt or what? Easy to style, versatile and super feminine.

With a fluid and flattering silhouette the maxi skirt is the perfect piece to bring along for this weekend adventure in Tanger! Styled with a casual denim top, the maxi is a stylish yet comfortable piece to wear.

I find that this cropped top looks best with this maxi skirt, as it helps to balance everything out. The top used to be a hip length, that I decided to transform into a crop top. At the length it use to be I never really wore it so I rather customize the piece to my wishes than having it hanging in the closet with no particular purpose.

What I love about the maxi skirt is the fact that there are no real rules, tuck tops in, let tops hang out, wear flip flops, wear boots, wear leggings, wear at the waist, wear at the hips, wear in winter, wear in summer… you make the rules.

A few tips and tricks:

  • If you are short, wear a maxi skirt at your waist, rather than your hips, it elongates the legs making you appear much longer
  • If you are taller and find maxi skirts impossible to fit you length-wise, try and find one which is designed to be sat at the waist, and wear it on your hips.
  • Wear it all seasons, on colder days put on a pair of leggings or tights underneath for a bit of added warmth. Nobody will notice.
  • As maxi skirts are long you can get away with wearing many different tops, on a warm holiday you could even wear your bathing suit underneath being used as a top.
  • With heels, this is the perfect look for an evening our or an event. It’s effortless and it has that sophisticated rich vibe to it.
  • With flip flops or flats, the perfect combo for a stroll or for the office.
  • With tennis shoes , cute, girly and sporty

My Maxi skirt crush at the moment is this beautiful piece by Irene Helden. The combination of the prints and colors are amazing, perfect for any event and can easily adapt to so many occasions. It definitely makes a huge fashion statement and need no extra’s to spice up the look : a basic top, Komono “gold” sunglasses and these beautiful streets of Tanger makes all pieces fall into place.




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