Summer Vibes


dress by Second Female

What comes up when you think of summer?

for me it’s beautiful weather, the beach, warm nights, social events, fun and light fabric maxi dresses.
The third day in Morocco it was show time, I chose to wear a comfortable but yet sophisticated dress from Second Female. After the show was an after party so I made it easy for myself and only took an extra pair of heels with me to the venue the only thing I would have to do is swop the flip flop for heels to turn this beautiful dress from a day into a night look. What I love about this dress is the contemporary feminine quality to it and the way it moves so effortlessly. The fit, color and style makes it both romantic and edgy.



Scarf by Pimkie

Because I have to wear my hair in a straight style during the show I keep it wrapped until the show, it’s much easier for the hairstylist at an a fashion show if I do some preparation in the morning like blowing it out and making it a bit more straight. But everybody knows I love my afro and big hair and don’t like stepping out the house with a simple hair straight to the back look. To still create the volume I put on a big turban,underneath I still had my hair straight so it stayed in style for the show. IMG_9903


Clutch by Babatunde available at

To complete my look I added this statement clutch from Babatunde available at The clutch is a perfect match with my dress but what makes it even more special is that the clutch practically goes with every color and any outfit. I picked it up at the Lady Africa store owned by Irene Hin which is located in the centre of The Hague (Den Haag). So if you are in the neighborhood you should definitely go take a look but even when you are not the store is worth the trip. It’s like walking into a candy store; all the colors and beautiful pieces. She has a broad collection of clutches, I chose this blue one because the colors gives a denim feel to it. And as you might know denim and print especially African prints are my favorite so the choice was easily made. Last but not least it was a sunny day so that means sunglasses. These sunnies from Komono are super cute. The small size of the sunglasses makes sure they are not overwhelming and just add the right touch of glitz to this laid back look.


Sunglasses by Komono, model “Lulu”

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