Color on the Canal

naamloos-(218-van-257)-bewerktPrints will still be in the mix and are not going anywhere. These Vlisco prints are highlights in my wardrobe. I have a lot of skirts that are created from different Vlisco collections, and a lot of times I pair them with a simple top just to let the color of the skirt pop. But this time I chose to mix different prints which as you can see also works very well and give the whole outfit a festive feel. The key to mix but not clash is to mix different prints but still stay in the same color scheme.naamloos-(206-van-257)-bewerkt

Looking from something unique? This one-of-a-kind midi skirt is designed by Irene Hin founder of Lady Africa.naamloos-(181-van-257)-bewerkt
So go ahead have fun with prints just mix and match and be surprised by the many new looks you can create by using clothes you already have instead of buying new ones. Once in a while I do a big wardrobe cleaning and take all my clothes out but instead of throwing things out I find new matches ,it always makes me feel good about myself  I love to multitask. Having a organised closet and a “new” wardrobe is definitely satisfying.naamloos-(234-van-257)-bewerkt-bewerkt-2On the left Forever 21 top


Forever21 shoes

On the right

Top and skirt from

Zara shoes

Both wearing Komono  Sunglasses model “Stella” Pale Blush and “Stella ” Tortoise Honey

All pictures by Marco Ter beek

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