Custom made with a message

Whatever happened to having your clothes actually made by a tailor,choose the style, fabric and color that you like and have an outfit made according to your body measurements.
I have been doing this for years once in a while I have that special outfit custom made that I’ve been having in my mind but cant find in the stores. It doesn’t hurt to take some sewing classes which I did but when it comes down to the real work I leave it up to the professionals like Fortunate Longwe, a designer from Tanzania. That’s where this lovely dress came from all the way from Tanzania, brought to me by my sweet neighbour, who often goes there. She went to the market there to do some fabric shopping and send be some pictures of fabrics I might like . Which was kind of a task because I have an obsession for African prints. It was almost impossible for me to make some choices, there a are so many prints, styles and colour combinations .
So Karen ( my neighbour ) made some final decisions for me. All the back and forth texting colours and styles resulted in this lovely dress. A lot of african fabrics have a message printed on them. My dress has birds on them. A natural symbol of  freedom  “Birds have the freedom to fly and stop where ever they like ” It fits my personality perfect. Definitely a message to wear and feel beautiful at the same time…

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