One of a Kind!!


Other than having your clothes custom made, sample sales and outlet stores are the place to be when looking for something unique and affordable. It could be that there is only one sample made of that eye catcher and never made it to production ,it just might fit your taste or maybe it’s from past seasons and nobody understood the style so it ended up at the outlet. But hey you are unique and you make your own style. Maybe the fit was just not for everybody but you can make it work. It’s that time when you become a creative sharp hunter noticing that one piece nobody else would notice. That cute item can have a little mistake in the fabric, but we are forgiving people right? we can see pass that.

This dress was that little treasure for me, I couldn’t quite figure out if it was cute or just different but I knew I had to have it. I just had to give it a home. I have it for a few years now, somehow it has the ability to suit every season every year just differently styled. It’s from the brand Gsus, the quality is impeccable, it was at an outlet price which was at least 70 percent of the original price. Now I call that a good buy. This season I chose to pair this denim piece with some white heels, now we all need some crisp white shoes for the summer it’s just that little touch that adds a lot to your outfit. When you wear denim with white any color bag can be added. Go classic with black or white, bold with neon colors, edgy with metallic or daring with prints. I went with prints, this clutch from Lady Africa is that statement piece I needed to complete my look.



Bag: available at

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