Getting dressed


Getting dressed, for some people something so normal, but for parents with small children it can be challenging at times.Yesterday, a friend of mine asked me how I do it. How do you put an outfit together when you have a family of five? And all still look fashionable? Last week is a good example of how you have the day planned but it goes totally differen’t. My two eldest were out for Easter weekend, only the youngest was at home and it was a holiday so there was no real time pressure. I had a High Tea planned in the afternoon and the night before I was out clubbing, so I didn’t have the chance to do any hairstyling preparation which you kind of need if you have my hair type. I knew I had to plan my day carefully, I would need at least thirty minutes for my hair.

I also knew I was wearing my tube skirt so that was also settled. The morning started with me watching frozen for the second time back to back ( fifth if you include other holidays) with my youngest after which we were going to bake cookies. This is where my planning started, after making the cookie dough with her, which has to rise for half an hour, she took a bath while I hopped in the shower. I put my make up on, keeping it simple with red lips and eyeliner. I dressed her first then I got started on making the cookies with her, of course in my “relaxed” clothes because there was flour all over the place. After I put the first batch in the oven and had the second ready, I cleaned up and I was going to get dressed for the occasion. And that’s where the trouble started, I had the whole outfit put together in my head and had three optional shoes to go with it depending on my purse and accessories, but little did I know that I was out of pantyhose, all of them had holes. It’s still chilly outside so I definitely needed them if I was planning to wear a skirt. I didn’t have a plan B ready and only 30 minutes left. So I chose a pair of jeans which I was going to give an upgrade by styling them right, note to myself I really need to get some slacks.

I paired them with a white shirt for a dressy look combined with a hat and my woolen checked overcoat. Still I felt a bit under dressed for a High tea at the Grand. It needed something extra maybe a sweater but with a different texture, that’s how I came up with my leather t-shirt. I wasn’t totally satisfied with the hair so I quickly tried a few hats and had my husband choose the brown one. The combination of chocolate brown and dark blue brings a touch of class. For the shoes I was going to wear white high heels which were still in my car. A bit lazy to get them I thought the orange would also be just as good and in the end they were even better. I arrived there right on time because I always add another 30 minutes to my travel time and it always comes in handy, either it’s for the kids because someone needs to get changed or needs to use the bathroom or for anything unexpected, this time it was for me not having a plan B

IMG_0427 IMG_0429 IMG_0433 IMG_0434Bershka hat/ G-star shirt/ G-star leather top/ Second Female coat/ Monki jeans


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