Kids and Camo


This weekend we had a party to attend, because it was a sweet sixteen party I wanted to keep our outfits informal, but matching of course. I already bought my camouflage jacket a week ago at the Episode a well know second hand store in Amsterdam after I spotted my friend with one with her last name on the back. I couldn’t find nice camouflage prints clothing for the kids in any children clothing stores so I bought the smallest size jacket they had in adult size for Sifare and rolled up her sleeve big and loose. The loose fit suits her and what’s even better is that she can wear it for years to come, all I need to do is roll the sleeves down. I don’t have to worry about it getting out of style either unlike other prints that come and go camouflage is timeless. If you’re not really into second hand clothing you can always go to a dump store the new jackets are a bit stiff though, you can’t really style it with a belt and the print might also be different. Although in this case I prefer the second hand ones I did have a look at the dump store and found this really cute jumpsuit for India, a few sizes too big but with the right styling it worked out. Also she will be able to wear it for a long time. We can go a long way with these outfits. The girls loved the extra touch I gave it by ironing their names on the back.

India slipped and fell cutting her chin, the bandage is not  part of the styling. I could have removed it on the picture with photoshop but it’s part of growing up, kids fall and it  kind of matches her outfit. My little cool chick added the sunglasses herself, she is turning into a little fashionista.


These letters I bought at the haberdasher’s shop you can easily iron them on, but if you want to extra secure them it doesn’t hurt to put a few extra stitches.
IMG_0811 IMG_0814 IMG_0818 IMG_0837 IMG_0839 IMG_0864 IMG_0866 IMG_0867 IMG_0875 IMG_0920Me: Episode jacket/ Monki highwaist denim / Chanel bag .  Sifare: Episode jacket /Tumble n dry pants/ G-shock watch/Nike Wedge Air Revolution. India : Dumpstore jumpsuit/ Dr. Martens boots


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