Afro Punk Festival Paris: Pure Inspiration!!


Art, culture, food and great energy – it all came together at Afro punk festival!! It was lovely seeing people of various backgrounds come together with the same intent, to “express themselves”.

It’s clear that I have a tendency to be expressive as it relates to my hair and the way I dress. Some may appreciate it and some may not, however what’s important is how it makes me feel. Needless to say there are times when I look back at pictures and think, “Wow, Maureen – that may have been over the top”, but I take comfort in knowing that’s how I felt that day. Some moments capture excitement in which case bright colors come to pass, while others embrace my laid back mood with basic neutral colors (although these times are rare).

Being around likeminded people who’ve embraced their own essence definitely gave me a warm feeling. A young lady from Sweden said to me, “Where I come from, I pretty much stand out daily because of the way I dress. I receive a lot of attention. Some may like it and some may not, but I love seeing my true self in the mirror every single day.” This exact mindset along with the fact that attendees exchange compliments and engage eachother at random without having met prior is what Afropunk stands for.
Attending Afropunk’s first edition in Paris was a special experience. Folks from all over Europe and the States traveled to be a part of it. I’m excited to see how it evolves.
Below are a few portraits I shot this weekend.


Drea, webdesginer (Paris)


Lila Holmes, Jewelrydesigner (Brooklyn, NY)


Carina Do, Poet (Sweden)


Tristane, student (Paris)


Ellen, Stylist (Sweden)


Dionne Verwey ,Actress (Amsterdam), Sharon Joy, Social worker (Amsterdam)


Farah, Creative duo Mahoyo (Sweden)


Jodie-Simone, Creative Artivist (London)


Claire Most, Web-redactor (Paris)


Felicia Dotse, Dancer (Lyon)


Catia Mota da Cruz, Artistic director/stylist (Paris)


Prisca Monnier (Paris)


Cherelle, Stylist (London)


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