Wearing White

Wearing an all white outfit has its risks. I had to attend two events yesterday; Specsavers’ latest trend presentation and River Island’s Salon show. I decided to wear an all white ensemble. One might consider that a risky move, and they’d be totally right. To add insult to injury, my form of transport was by bike (the simple and most obvious choice when hopping from one event to another in close proximity). Did I make it home safe, yes! However, “clean” I was no longer. The first event went without a hitch, but things took a turn at the second when I spilled sauce on my pants (which lucky for me, most couldn’t spot). The ultimate assault on my outfit came when my jacket, which I’d removed to cool off, happened to be sweeping the streets as I pedaled around town. Nevertheless don’t be discouraged, because it takes a gutsy woman indeed to dress in all white without worrying about the possibility of spilling or coffee or smudging newsprint onto herself. So take the challenge and go all white!!





Dkny wristwatch/Jil Sander sunglasses/River Island top/Jacket and pants both Zara


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