Pretty Petticoats

Petticoats are so much fun and so addictive. I have four colours now but I am craving to have a rainbow of colours. I like them as full as they can get and the great thing about them is that they mostly have adjustable waistbands, one size fits all!! My daughters and I share the same petticoats!
IMG_4092 Every time I add a new colour to our collection my girls get just as excited as I am and  the twirling can begin! That’s probably the most fun about the skirts: the fluffiness and ultimate twirl effect!

IMG_4095 The price of these skirts varies a lot they can cost about a 100 euro or even more depending on the fullness, brand or quality. I always buy them at Laura Dols (, prices starting from 30 euro for a kids petticoat to 80 euro for the adult ones. Like I mentioned before most of the petticoats are easy to adjust so I usually end up buying the kids version. If you prefer a longer length it is better to get the adult ones as they also come in various length.
IMG_4105I personally prefer the soft chiffon petti’s over stiffer ones, because they are more comfortable due to no scratchiness. Another thing I always do is wear them under a skirt or dress (actually their main purpose) to give it a fashionable shape. Conclusion: Petticoats make a great wardrobe staple!
IMG_4131 IMG_4132 IMG_4142 Sifare: Coolcat Junior tanktops/ Laura Dols petticoat/ Zara metallic shoulderbag/ G-shock wrist watch/ Footlocker Air Jordans 7 Retro ‘Barcelona Days’

India: Kenzo t-shirt/ Zara cardigan/ Laura Dols petticoat/ Dr. Martens boots

Me: Urban Outfitters crop top/ Chloe shoulder bag

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