A Fresh New Start

I helped reorganize a client’s closet, and these are the tips that I gave her:

  • Divide your closet into two sections, basics and key items.
    Let go of those items that are over 10 years old, especially those pieces that make you look dated.
  • Only keep the items that fit you properly. There’s no use cluttering your wardrobe with 15 pairs of jeans when you can only fit three.
  • Part with those items that don’t compliment your body type.
  • Minimize the amount of old T-shirts you’ve turned into sleep wear. No one needs 20 shirts to sleep in.
  • After you finish sorting, put the rejected items in bags and take them directly to Goodwill or any other charity. The longer you keep them around the bigger the chance you reconsider your choices. DO NOT!! This will bring you back to square one.
  • Reorganizing your closet doesn’t only update your wardrobe, but it also give you a better overview of what you have and give those clothes new meaning.

Make a fresh start !!!

IMG_4353 IMG_4383 IMG_4373 Pull&Bear Top/ Moschino Belt /Forever21 skirt/ Zara Shoes/ Valentino Bag


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