Holiday Style


Dear Readers!

Christmas time is the time we tell our friends and family how much we care and love them. Although we should do that every day I also want to take time and thank you my readers for supporting and reading my blog. I couldn’t have done it without you. Because of your support I can continue doing what I love and that is sharing my adventures on hair, beauty, travels and kids with you. Thank you so much.

The past weeks I have been a bad blogger I know! I haven’t written something for the longest. I have been posting regularly on instagram so I hope you forgive me and that those images inspired you. In my defense the reason why I haven’t been blogging is because I have been busy working with an amazing styling team for the Voice Of Holland. We are having a Christmas break now so I have time to pick up the blog and tell you about a beautiful brand I discovered while working for The Voice, Elisabetta Franchi. This brand breathes femininity to the fullest. Every single item is made with attention to detail and you will fall in love immediately. Perfect for the holidays or a special evening. Thank you Chantal Bles Styling and Jos Bles Fashion for introducing me to this fabulous brand.

Keep an eye on my instagram where I will be posting a lot more of these beautiful creations.

For more info go to

Enjoy the holidays with passion!!


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