14 days in amazing Cuba


We booked our trip to Cuba quite spontaneously because we wanted to experience the island before big changes were implemented. It’s beautiful to witness a country evolve in so many ways. Some of the … [Read more...]

What to do in Aruba


This was my second trip to Aruba, but little did I know that there was more to this island than laying on sandy beaches while sipping on tropical drinks. Their slogan, “One Happy Island” is definitely … [Read more...]

A quick getaway in Miami


It was finally time for my bestfriend and I to take our annual girls trip. Our destination, Miami’s South Beach! We opted not the plan anything, but simply allow our spontaneity to guide us. As a … [Read more...]

Sunset in Pula


It's not everyday you get to win a contest and the prize is a trip to a country you've never been to before! The challenge was: who can pack carry-on trolly the fastest and in the most efficiënt way … [Read more...]



With its surging art and scene, Mexico City is undoubtedly having its moment right now. Having seen the last James Bond film Spectrum, the Plaza de La Constitucion was our first stop. It’s the … [Read more...]

Sleeping in DownTown Mexico


I love staying in beautiful hotels, it gives me that fairy-tale-princess feeling. A beautiful tidy room and clean white sheets is already heaven to me. Imagine the joy of checking into Hotel Downtown … [Read more...]

Lovely Limburg


A new year just came about and I’ve already started executing my “bucket list”. One of my dreams was to sleep in a castle with my youngest princess. She and I traveled 2 hours to Maastricht (in the … [Read more...]

New York City Guide


It's been 3 years already since my last visit to New York City and here my reasons for returning 1. There is always something new, My favorite city in the whole world keeps amazing me. Besides … [Read more...]

Instant fame in Vietnam!


I hit 'celebrity' status in Hoi An, meaning people poke each other when I walk by try to secretly take pictures stare like forever, call me beautiful which is kind of nice. I mean it’s still a … [Read more...]

Summer Vibes


What comes up when you think of summer? for me it’s beautiful weather, the beach, warm nights, social events, fun and light fabric maxi dresses. The third day in Morocco it was show time, I chose … [Read more...]

Take it to the Max!!


Are we happy with the maxi skirt or what? Easy to style, versatile and super feminine. With a fluid and flattering silhouette the maxi skirt is the perfect piece to bring along for this weekend … [Read more...]


    Taroudant is a walled city. It was erected in the 16th century by the Saadians, when it was briefly made the capital of Morocco. They obviously expected a great future for the … [Read more...]