Afropunk 2016 New York


After experiencing Afro Punk Paris it was time to go to the roots of Afropunk where it all started ; Brooklyn, New York!!
A full weekend of outdoor summer music, foodtrucks and live artwork at Commodore Barry Park, Brooklyn.
While the Dj’s, biggest artists and incredible rising talents were rocking the stage, the festival crowd was dominating the grounds with their inspiring and creative styles.  A weekend to remember! Check out a few of my favorites below.

IMG_2271 IMG_2240 IMG_2157 IMG_2160 IMG_2186 IMG_2189 DSC_3808 DSC_3842 DSC_3854 DSC_3864 DSC_3868 DSC_3875 DSC_3881 DSC_3882 DSC_3889 DSC_3893 DSC_3896 DSC_3899 DSC_3902 DSC_3905 DSC_3916 IMG_2277 IMG_2279 IMG_2283 DSC_3925 DSC_3936 DSC_3940 DSC_3950 DSC_3951 DSC_3954 DSC_3956 DSC_3958 DSC_3961 DSC_3962 DSC_3966 DSC_3968 DSC_3975 IMG_2405


  1. afriqah andrews says

    hi MAureen
    your picture at afropunk brooklyn was haunting me for months, then i started doing my own digging and research and found out all the info i needed. but what i really need to know is where did purchase that crop sequince kimono you had on with the african print pant. it is absolutely stunning.

    love and light

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