Rainy Days: 5 brands that will keep you fashionably dry


Let’s stop pretending we don’t need a raincoat, after all, it is the Netherlands where it’s not a luxurious accessory but an indispensable necessity. Put those non flattering drugstore rain suits away and invest in something with a longer shelf life. Since you’ll need it 80% of the time, it’ll definitely be a worthwhile purchase.

I’ve taken the liberty to share 5 of my favorite water resistant items below…IMG_6361IMG_6369

I own this Rains (€99) coat myself. It comes in two styles; one with a waistband for a trench coat look, as well as without for a more sporty vibe. It’s also unisex, making it interchangeable with your partner’s wardrobe. If you don’t mind having the same jacket as most hipsters, this the jacket is for you. The downside to sharing is of course the lack of romantic walks in the rain if only one of you can stay dry.fm-sil1_SIL

Classic :
You can’t help but love the classic yellow rain coat by Petit Bateau (€149,95)which also comes in children’s sizes. They have an assortment of colors to accommodate various personalities. However, a yellow one combined with a striped shirt – now that’s classic !!



res241-stutterheim-stockholm-raincoat-dusty-pink-unisex-2 Stutterheim_ThisHeartsOnFire

Fun: If your more of a “I don’t mind getting wet” type of girl and just love everything about the rain – I recommend you go for the pink Stutterheim (€225) or any of their other fun designs; including one with black and white stripes.






Bright & Colorful :
Nautical brand Gaastra (€161,95) carries a large assortment of colorful rain wear, including coral.






Youthful :Ever looked at those cute coats with fun designs on little children and thought yourself, “I wish I could wear one”? Not to worry, Asos has a see through polka dot rain coat in your size to help you get in touch with your youth.

Now let it rain!!


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