For the tall and savvy


No more tall girl problems

We tall girls all know the problems growing up trying to make ourselves appear shorter to fit in.

1.Prom dresses that didn’t reach the floor, sometimes not even the ankle!!

2.Dating issues when you actually like a guy but you don’t want to date him because you are taller than him.

3.Trying to wear long sleeve shirts (wrists always showing).

4.Feeling as if you always have to wear flats but you are still the tallest.

5.When people constantly ask you to reach things.

6.Pants that fit your waist but not in the length (specially flares drama).

7.Always being asked how tall you are. Each and every single day even by strangers.

Robin Harris founder of the brand Model Atelier, says no more!! Her clothing line puts an end to the so called tall girl problems, and will make every tall woman feel strong and confident. Now that the holidays are coming up it’s time to treat yourself to getting that beautiful item that you’ve always wanted in your size.

Take a look at her collection.

IMG_8149 IMG_8157

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