Printed Pants

There was just no way I could resist this print, thus leading me to rock yet another print-on-print look. Escada designs pants that fit tall girls perfectly. I find the fact that more and more brands are taking that into consideration when designing. I remember always having to sag my pants past my waist in order to achieve the illusion of an average pant leg, simply because there weren’t any pants designed to fit tall and slim women. Now I’m proud to say that my closet is filled with an assortment of full length pants, not just denim but various styles and fabrics as well – which all look lovely even with a pair of pumps. So, I just like to take a moment to personally thank all the designers that have stepped up and saved me the time of having to loosen seams myself!

On another note,
I usually don’t get to blog about food, for the simple fact that I usually devour it before I can take a picture. However, I must tell you about the amazing experience I had at Waldorf Estoria Amsterdam. I woke up with a spontaneous desire to experience “high tea”. After having Christmas drinks at the Waldorf, I figured that’d be the best place to get this experience.
I must say, it surpassed anything I could’ve imagined! I was exposed to new textures and flavors that created a magnificent explosion in my mouth. Every item didn’t only taste fresh but the presentation by their in house chefs made me feel like I’d crawled into an actual cookbook. Although this post doesn’t do it justice, I couldn’t let a day pass without attempting to spread the word about the best high tea I’ve ever had!!

Love Maureen.

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